Timer Alert

Just imagine someone walking to his or her vehicle alone after some heavy shopping, suddenly someone grabs him or her from the back and bundled into a car!. Now with MobileGard Timer Alert, one could preset the approximate time of finding and getting into own's vehicle and disarming the alarm, failing to do so will automatically trigger the Panic Button.
Community Incident Reporting

MobileGard being a community driven solution depends on the community's inputs during times like fire, flood, accidents or even riots. This feature allows users to snap photos and share the location with the community and our Command and Contact Center. When the need arise, we will inform the appropriate parties accordingly.
Group Activities

Ever wanting to go on a road trip, a hiking trip or even a mountain biking trip and would want to make sure everyone's safe? Just create a group and add the participants and everyone will see everyone on MobileGard.
Online Tracking

MobileGard allowed victim's pre-set next-of-kin to view and trace location of the victim when emergency happen.
Location Sharing

Need to let your friends know where you are and meet up? Just use our extremely simple location sharing. It could be done in just a few simple clicks.

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