What is MobileGard?

MobileGard is a sophisticated application that is created by user for users! It provides an option for round the clock tracking, user panic button, timer triggered alert and even group activities. The principal of the application is to utilize the already available GPS technology coupled with our collaboration with the Royal Malaysia Police and the extremely respected Community Policing Malaysia which boast of over 100,000 members nation wide!
Why MobileGard?

With crimes happening daily, ranging from snatch theft, burglary, kidnapping and even murder, no one could tell who will be next victim. With MobileGard, although we are not able give you an assurance that you will not be included in the statistic, at least WE CAN GIVE YOU A BETTER CHANCE.

As this involves security, there are features available in our application that we cannot disclose. These features hopefully will help us nab the perpetrators soon.
How does it work ?

MobileGard consists of 5 main Features:

Panic Button, Timer Alert, Community Incident Reporting, Location Sharing and Group Tracking.

The Panic Button, located right on the center of the screen, when pressed and held continuously for 3 seconds, will trigger the alert and send the last location geo-coordinate of which could be viewed via google map to the victim's pre-set next-of-kin(s) via short messaging system (SMS) or via our MobileGard Application Notification Service (MANS) if the victim's pre-set next-of-kin are also our users.

As soon as the victim's next-of-kin receive the message, it is advisable to do his or her own preliminary investigation to ascertain if the victim is indeed in trouble. If indeed so, they can proceed to lodge a police report or call our 24 Hours Contact and Command Center for further actions.

The question that will always pop up is, how would one trigger the panic button when most snatch theft will involve taking away the mobile phone? Simple, just send the 'Magic Key'? Which was entered during setup to your stolen phone by borrowing someone else's phone!
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